#37 Talking with Angels: A Conversation with Angel Lady Terrie Marie

In this episode Teresa and Kim have a very lively and illuminating chat with Angel Lady Terrie Marie about communicating with angels.  Terrie Marie has an incredible depth of knowledge about angels and an amazingly strong connection with them.  The angels speak to us all of the time.  It’s just that we don’t usually recognize that it is them talking.  Terrie Marie lets us know that we all have the ability to communicate with angels; and we can, if we are willing to work on developing that skill.  


The Angel Lady Terrie Marie is a highly sensitive Angel Intuitive Specialist and author, helping people worldwide tap into their divine birthright of having it ALL.  She helps her clients transform their lives from the inside out in miraculous ways. She also teaches others how to access their own intuitive empathic skills, the Angels and Spirit.  Terrie Marie has a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences, she is an Angelic Crystal Reiki Master Teacher and has her own podcast, “Permission to Follow Your Inner GPS.”

For more info about Angel Lady Terrie Marie and the services she offers, click here.

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Holistic Wisdom Listener Spotlight: Immediately following this episode, stay tuned for some holistic wisdom from Holistically Curious listener, Jonna T. Williams owner of Holistic House of Healing.

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