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Awakening Transformation

Tianna Roser, owner of Awakening Transformation, is an extraordinarily talented Certified Clinical Hypnotist (practicing hypnosis since 2008) and Usui Reiki Master Teacher (practicing Reiki since 1998) based out of Austin, Texas.

Tianna specializes in past live regression and life between lives regression.  She is offering Holistically Curious listeners 10% off past life regression or life between lives regression sessions if you mention Holistically Curious when you book a session.


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While supplies last, LumenKind is offering Holistically Curious listeners a FREE Gifty Pack of their awesome Mindful Marks. 

Mindful Marks are beautiful temporary wearables to help remind you to be present and remind you of your intentions.  



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Panda Planner, a daily planner that is scientifically designed to make you happier and more productive.

Unlike generic planners, Panda Planner uses proven principles from positive psychology and neuroscience to make optimism and productivity automatic. Panda Planner has three sections: monthly, weekly, and daily.

  • The monthly section helps you plan your goals and build better habits.
  • The weekly pages help you learn from your past 7 days and intentionally plan your upcoming week.
  • The Daily Section’s mini routines will help rewire your brain for happiness so you have the motivation to keep going everyday.

Plus, their simple system forces you to prioritize what’s important to you. With your planner, you’ll never waste another day just being busy.  Instead you’ll spend your days feeling grateful, excited, and accomplished.

If you like being happy and hitting your goals, visit PandaPlanner.com and order yours now using the code HCPANDA and receive 10% off your order!

For further research-backed tips and tricks to boost your happiness and up your productivity, visit our blog PositiveRoutines.com and our Facebook community, Panda Lab.

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