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#13 Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

In this episode of Holistically Curious, Kim and Teresa explore Vedic Astrology also called Jyotish.  In Sanskrit, Jyoti means light.  Jyotish / Vedic Astrology is the study of how we interact with the cosmic light within us and within the cosmos.  It deals with cosmic patterns that are thought to determine our destiny.  Kim reveals the history of Vedic Astrology and discusses some of its basic components.



Mentioned in this episode:

Mehtab Benton

Mehtab’s name given to him by his teacher Yogi Bhajan, literally translated, means Light of the Moon, so it is fitting that he has become one of the most insightful and approachable vedic astrologers around. His readings, available in person or via phone, are uniquely tuned to each individual and can focus on anything from the spiritual to the practical decisions one needs to make in day to day life.

Because Mehtab has been practicing yoga for over 40 years, his intuition is often very accurate and many find his insight invaluable to their personal growth. His light-hearted sense of humor and deep immersion in a spiritual practice gives you a relaxed feeling of confidence and ease.

Mehtab is available for astrology trainings and workshops in the United States and internationally.

To host Mehtab, please contact him for available dates and details.

To book an astrology reading with Mehtab please click here.



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#7 The Power of Mantra / Raise Your Vibration

In this episode Kim talks about mantra: what it is, how it can improve your wellbeing, and how to choose a mantra.  She shares some of her own personal experiences where mantra has helped her deal with anxiety and fear.  Teresa discusses the importance of raising your vibration and the ways you can do so.  Just imagine what the world would be like if we all raised our vibration!


    The Power of Mantra

Kim’s Sources:


    Raise Your Vibration

Teresa’s Sources:

During the episode, Teresa mentioned our friend, Lou Martin.  Lou is a gifted channel, teacher, healer, and author based out of Bandon, Ireland. He offers in-person readings and readings via Zoom or phone.  For more info about Lou Martin or to get a reading, check out his website: www.LouMartin.eu



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