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#37 Talking with Angels: A Conversation with Angel Lady Terrie Marie

In this episode Teresa and Kim have a very lively and illuminating chat with Angel Lady Terrie Marie about communicating with angels.  Terrie Marie has an incredible depth of knowledge about angels and an amazingly strong connection with them.  The angels speak to us all of the time.  It’s just that we don’t usually recognize that it is them talking.  Terrie Marie lets us know that we all have the ability to communicate with angels; and we can, if we are willing to work on developing that skill.  


The Angel Lady Terrie Marie is a highly sensitive Angel Intuitive Specialist and author, helping people worldwide tap into their divine birthright of having it ALL.  She helps her clients transform their lives from the inside out in miraculous ways. She also teaches others how to access their own intuitive empathic skills, the Angels and Spirit.  Terrie Marie has a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences, she is an Angelic Crystal Reiki Master Teacher and has her own podcast, “Permission to Follow Your Inner GPS.”

For more info about Angel Lady Terrie Marie and the services she offers, click here.

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Holistic Wisdom Listener Spotlight: Immediately following this episode, stay tuned for some holistic wisdom from Holistically Curious listener, Jonna T. Williams owner of Holistic House of Healing.

#33 Soul Contracts: A Conversation w/ Dr. Lauren Cielo

In this episode Kim and Teresa chat with Dr. Lauren Cielo, internationally recognized Clairvoyant Healer, Teacher, and author based out of San Diego, California.  They discuss many insights from his enlightening book, “The Power of Energy: Harness the Universe for More Clarity, Peace, and Love.” What are soul contracts? Have a listen and find out!

Dr. Lauren Cielo is an internationally recognized Clairvoyant Healer, Teacher, and author based out of San Diego, California.  He is the creator of Golden Rose Psychic Services and The author of “The Power of Energy: Harness the Universe for More Clarity, Peace, and Love.”

Dr Lauren has clients and students in over 20 countries worldwide and has made guest appearances on Gaia TV with George Noory and with Regina Meredith.  He’s also been a special guest on Coast To Coast AM Radio. And if this wasn’t enough he even co-hosts a global podcast called “Metaphysical Q&A” with Crystal Heinemann.

For more info about Lauren Cielo and Golden Rose Psychic Services click here.

To purchase “The Power of Energy: Harness the Universe for More Clarity, Peace, and Love” click here.

#25 Dying Into Life: Interview with Sahar Ghamati Shokoufandeh, Ph.D.

In this episode Kim and Teresa talk with Sahar Ghamati Shokoufandeh, Ph.D., author of Dying Into Life.  Sahar discusses how her meditations on death helped her to not only lose her fear of death but to learn how to live a happier, more fulfilled, authentic life.  

On the journey to understanding death and facing her fears, Sahar Ghamati Shokoufandeh, Ph.D. noticed a synchronicity between people who are near the end of their Earthly time or have had a near death experience, in all cultures and religions. They all can finally perceive the truth of life through accepting death.

Death is not an end to anything, just the doorway to our ultimate destination which is our soul’s combined different realities. By embracing this knowledge, we can be reborn into the beauty of our true self and finally live with love and peace.

Dying into Life gives you the insight on the complexities of your spiritual being living in a physical world, and leads you to the practice of love, peace and joy.

To purchase Dying Into Life click here.

For more info about Sahar Ghamati Shokoufandeh and the services she offers visit her website: www.SaharGhamati.com

Bonus Ep #2 Channeling Interview w/ Lou Martin

In this episode Kim and Teresa talk with Lou Martin about channeling.  Lou is a gifted channel, teacher, healer, and author based out of Bandon, Ireland. 

Lou offers great insight into what being a channel is all about and shares the wisdom he has acquired from doing this important work over the last thirty years.

** We apologize for the sound quality issues on this recording which was caused by a poor internet connection between the U.S.A and Ireland. ** 


Lou offers in-person readings and readings via Zoom or phone.  He is amazingly insightful and is able to communicate the messages he receives from spirit in a way that will resonate with you on a very deep level. 

To contact Lou for a session, click here: www.LouMartin.eu

Life Between Lives Bonus Episode Interview w/ Tianna Roser

It is only natural to be curious about what happens to us after we die.  Let’s face it people, none of us are getting out of here alive.  In this very special bonus episode Kim and Teresa chat with Tianna Roser about the fascinating subjects of past life regression and life between lives regression.

Tianna Roser is a certified clinical hypnotist and a Reiki Master Teacher based out of Austin, Texas.  Tianna specializes in catalyst coaching, Reiki and Reiki training, hypnosis, past life regression, and life between lives regression.

For more info about Tianna Roser and the services she offers click here.

Mention “Holistically Curious” when booking a past life regression or a life between lives regression with Tianna and receive a 10% discount.


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