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#33 Soul Contracts: A Conversation w/ Dr. Lauren Cielo

In this episode Kim and Teresa chat with Dr. Lauren Cielo, internationally recognized Clairvoyant Healer, Teacher, and author based out of San Diego, California.  They discuss many insights from his enlightening book, “The Power of Energy: Harness the Universe for More Clarity, Peace, and Love.” What are soul contracts? Have a listen and find out!

Dr. Lauren Cielo is an internationally recognized Clairvoyant Healer, Teacher, and author based out of San Diego, California.  He is the creator of Golden Rose Psychic Services and The author of “The Power of Energy: Harness the Universe for More Clarity, Peace, and Love.”

Dr Lauren has clients and students in over 20 countries worldwide and has made guest appearances on Gaia TV with George Noory and with Regina Meredith.  He’s also been a special guest on Coast To Coast AM Radio. And if this wasn’t enough he even co-hosts a global podcast called “Metaphysical Q&A” with Crystal Heinemann.

For more info about Lauren Cielo and Golden Rose Psychic Services click here.

To purchase “The Power of Energy: Harness the Universe for More Clarity, Peace, and Love” click here.

#19 The Universe is Calling!

In this episode, Teresa and Kim discuss the call of the Universe; how to request guidance, prepare to receive it, and how to avoid pissing the Universe off!  Have a listen and as Teresa and Kim always say…”STAY CURIOUS!”






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#16 Magnetite – I am feeling all right!

In this episode, Teresa and Kim discuss the crystal Magnetite.  If it does a small portion of what it is purported to, it is one of the most valuable minerals in the world. 




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#14 Light Body

In this episode of Holistically Curious, Teresa talks about her beautiful body—her light body, that is!  She reveals what the light body, also known as the aura, is all about.  What it’s purpose is and how you can activate it. And as always, Kim and Teresa invite you to STAY CURIOUS!




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#11 The Law of Attraction

In this episode of Holistically Curious, Kim and Teresa talk about the Law of Attraction.  Kim explains what it is and how you can utilize it to change your life.  Is it just woo woo nonsense of is there actual science to back it up?  Listen to find out! 



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