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#34 Are There Parallel Universes?

We’ve all heard that we are unique and there is no one else like us, but are we really?  Well, theoretical physicists posit that there may be other versions of you existing in parallel universes.  Join Teresa and Kim as they dive headfirst into this mind bending topic.  



Holistic Wisdom Listener Spotlight: Immediately following this episode, stay tuned for some holistic wisdom from Holistically Curious listener, Christopher Brown

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#15 Mandela Effect

In this episode of Holistically Curious, Kim shares her own personal experience with the Mandela Effect.  Is the Mandela Effect simply a matter of people collectively mis-remembering something or is there a much more out of this world explanation for this phenomenon?  Have a listen as Kim and Teresa discuss the different theories behind the Mandela Effect and then you can decide for yourself what’s behind this unnerving phenomenon.



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