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#17 Find Your Zen: Interview w/ Lynn Chang, Ph.D.

In this episode, Kim and Teresa get advice on finding career fulfillment from, Career Zen founder and author of The 10 Day Career Cleanse: Find Your Zen At Work, Lynn Chang, Ph.D.   Lynn infuses her Western psychology training with Eastern practices of yoga and meditation to help others find fulfillment in their careers which in turn helps them live happier lives.


Lynn Chang received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University in 2003, and has worked as a university career counselor, adjunct professor, guest speaker, therapist, psychometrist, and body image researcher.

For over a decade she has been infusing her Western psychology training with Eastern practices of yoga and meditation.

She loves sharing this inspired wisdom to empower everyone to LOVE WHAT THEY DO and DO WHAT THEY LOVE!

Discuss your unique concerns, receive advice, and learn about Dr. Chang’s approach in a FREE 20-minute phone call.  Click here to contact her today!

Lynn Chang, Ph.D. is based in Austin, Texas, where she is available for in person appointments or appointments via Zoom.  She also offers workshops and retreats.  For more information on her services click here.

Learn how to cleanse out the stress and bring in the zen with Lynn’s book:

The 10 Day Career Cleanse: Find Your Zen At Work by Lynn Chang, Ph.D. – As stressful and challenging as your job is, you can begin today to cultivate more peace and happiness at work. The 10 Day Career Cleanse is an invitation to try 21 simple wellness techniques to foster workplace zen. – Rewire your brain for creativity and productivity – Infuse gratitude and compassion into your job – Energize your body with yoga and play Life isn’t perfect and neither is work.

Kim’s review of The 10 Day Career Cleanse:

Dr. Lynn Chang really knows her stuff. The 10 Day Career Cleanse truly delivers! I believe if you stick with this book for the full 10 days YOU WILL find your Zen at work! I love Dr. Chang’s writing style and the format of this book; which provides easy to understand, yet profoundly transformative thoughts and wellness techniques for each day. This book will not sit on your shelf! You will revisit this book often to re-use the techniques she offers.

If you are feeling stressed at work, have lost your creative edge, or simply having a hard time getting things done, then YOU NEED this book! Quite honestly, even if you love your job YOU NEED this book! Even those of us who do what we love for a living can fall into a rut or simply get overwhelmed with work and this wonderful resource will help give you the tools to bring back that passion and drive you may have lost. The 10 Day Career Cleanse will help you find joy in your job and in your life!



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